The Hayek Center For Contemporary Art was established in 2008 by Samuel Hayek, a London based Israeli business man who is also the chairman of the Jewish National Fund in the U.K.

Mr. Hayek, a philanthropist, built a museum like hall with a vision to create a fertile base for young artists that lack funding in order to present their talent to the art world with the “Hayek Center’s quality tag”.

Located in the old city of Jaffa, The Hayek Center outstands in a modern industrial-like design amongst the beautiful ancient architecture of the old city and the port, providing a view to the Mediterranean sea.

The center had already hosted a number of exhibitions and art related events and is open to hosting small private and business events. The space is fully equipped with the necessary technology and facilities for modern exhibitions.

We welcome visitors to come and enjoy the unique experience of the Hayek Center.