Morag Kligvasser Expressive-Figurataiv Exhibition

Morag Graduated in 2006, from the College of Arts Design - WIZO Haifa.

Morag Paints since childhood figurative oil paintings, using expressive strokes along the surfaces of forms and colors that emphasize movement in her paintings.

The most Unique and interesting aspect in her works is the linear relationship between the values ​​of a collage, a classical expressive drawing, and a figurative intriguing compositions
well built.
Blurred Landscapes illustrate her vision through ​​glasses; light and shadow are expressed flowing in color through shapes and interesting patterns, blurring, smearing, and freezing an image, which creates a depth of movement, by highlighting the object she focuses on the effect of selective vision, creating a sharp distinction between the main issue and what is trivial.
In a hidden layer, Morag reflects the individual thinking of the 21st century society
The variance smearing between the paintings produce an internal sound that is taken from the universe.
All urban landscape reflects a landmark in Morag's life, roaming Tel Aviv and returning up north.



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