Freeze- A Photography Exhibition By Dror Katz

Stills is doing something that does not exist in nature (almost), he stops time, freezing and preserves specific moments forever. Art photographer and commercial photographer challenging me to take photography a step up and create an experience viewers who are unable to experience it otherwise. Our eye and brain can not see the little details happening very fast twenty thousand in one part of a second! Now that our technology can be reached (relatively easy and affordable) lighting situations freeze intentional and planned studio sterile conditions (almost). Then there's the loss of control over the final outcome, which brings tension and uncertainty in the creative process and give me the enthusiasm and naivete as a creator. As someone who's been doing a precise medium Designed as photography and uncertainty and loss of control are an integral part of my creative experience. The use of simple elements, natural and contrasting with me for many years. This project fire and water are expressed in the best way because both "elusive" and hard "stop" them, whereas here you can enjoy them at the height of their power by "freezing" photography.

Dror Katz


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