Tanya Bubnov & Hili Greenfeld - Works
12/11/10 - 1/12/10

Tanya bubnov born in 1982, ukraine. she lives and work in tal aviv.

tanya examinig her image on the screen. measures to her female characters and scouting identity in video works thet her hero ones cres out - i love, i hert, i'm there, i will disappear one say.


hilli greenfeld born in 1981, lives and works in tel aviv.

hilli's workind accent's painting process marking andpositioning, examines the response of the platform, looking for events suce as paper roll or hair, and marks them. thr result is a place documentation, events and experience of environment while at work. the painting becomes a lanscape painting. a self-portrait and aotobiography of herself, enviornment, materials and freedom of the artist.

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