Ronen Raz - Works
19/10/10 - 9/11/10


"Over the years I practice in fashion design, during a prolonged process, I came to realize that the engineering of body covering, the collaboration with appearance, cannot provide a solution to the specificity and intimacy I sought.

I understood that I was capable of thinking in action, on physicality; material, form or idea and vice versa, without forcing it to be a garment or product according to a particular taste.

I was always fascinated by the art of preserving animals, like taxidermy and insect collecting.  I noticed that I was more interested in the process and ritual of taxidermy, in collecting the insects, cataloging and classifying them. Years later I could define it as engaging in "non-living life" an imitation of "looks like" and could even draw a connection with the natural mortal and still life traditions.

I think there is something insect-like in my work and my representations are always somehow connected to body and form. The object – a clothes hanger, a lamp, a siphon – becomes a type of body: skin with abundant, small accurate parts that have absorbed a kind of intimacy. Through it I think about my own physicality as a unique, living, growing body or as an inhibited, diseased body with dead skin.

My intention is to experience work in which the objects are more formally and structurally abstract, as well as situations and possibilities that touch upon issues of scale.

I am always asking myself to what extent I am exposed in my work and to what extent I am growing a new skin."


Ronen Raz


the exhibition was presented in Musical friday events - fall series, 2010

pruduced by Mr. Chen Yeremitzkey


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